What material does hardware lock have? How to distinguish the grade
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What is the material of the hardware lock?

1. There are basically two types of lock materials, one is wood lock, the other is metal lock. The production of wood lock must go through the technological process of sawing and cutting material, shaping with ax, chiseling and drilling, etc. The metal lock should be smelted, gold, silver, copper and iron, billet casting, cutting and cutting, welding and riveting, drilling and drilling, filing and polishing. A lock from raw materials to made, I do not know how much hard work to spend locksmith!

2. Through the invention and improvement of generations of craftsmen, the locks produced can be said to be tens of millions, and it is difficult to make accurate statistics. From the lock handed down, there are many exquisite products, which are the crystallization of the wisdom of ancient craftsmen. It may be because the lock itself is a kind of security goods, locksmiths and craftsmen are handed down from generation to generation, and the writers who write books and biographies are rarely involved. As a result, there are few records in historical classics, official history and unofficial history. So far, the research on lock art is almost blank.

3. In fact, the connotation of lock culture is rich and colorful. There are many exquisite locks made by locksmiths of different dynasties. They are really made by Chinese craftsmen.

How to distinguish the level of hardware lock?

1. Lock level - introduce the level of locks on the market can be generally divided into: A, B, super B. Besides the anti-theft performance of the anti-theft door body, the anti-theft performance of the anti-theft door lock is also very important. The level of lock directly affects the function of anti-theft door. In daily life, in many door markets, except for a small number of old anti-theft doors using A-level lock cylinder, the vast majority of family anti-theft doors are B-level locks, some new communities and stores will mostly adopt super-b-level locks, which can effectively prevent theft.

2. How to judge the lock level in the market? I believe most people have a headache about this problem. In fact, you can easily know the lock level by looking at the shape of the key. First of all, look at the "teeth" on the key. The more teeth, the deeper the teeth, and the more complex the arrangement, the higher the lock level and the more difficult it will be to open. When selecting locks, the heavier the lock weight, the better the quality of the lock cylinder. The more beads inside the lock cylinder, the better its anti-theft function.

3. When selecting the lock cylinder, we must look at its color. The lock cylinder with good quality and high level of lock adopts electroplating treatment, with smooth surface and bright color. Lock level - a lock on the market at present, the key of anti-theft lock with lock grade of a is mainly composed of one word key and cross key. The internal structure of the lock cylinder with lock grade A is simple, which is limited to the change of marbles in the lock. The slots in the marbles are few and very shallow.

Key points to pay attention to when purchasing hardware lock

1. Application environment, conditions and requirements. The advantages and disadvantages of the use environment should be considered, such as dry humidity, door structure, thickness, left door or right door, inside door or outside door, so as to avoid buying wrong products. Also consider the coordination with the decoration environment. According to their own preferences, the purchase of products should consider the coordination and matching of their rooms should be consistent.

2. The place used and its importance. That is to say, it should be used on the street front door, hall door, room, bathroom or passageway, so as to select the products suitable for the required functions. Consider the situation of family members, consider whether there are elderly people, children or people with disabilities in the family, and choose products that are convenient for him or her to use. Considering the reputation and service level of dealers, we should prevent some dealers from recommending some fake and shoddy goods to consumers from their own interests.

3. Considering the economic affordability and the family economic situation, high-grade products can be purchased if the economy is abundant, and lower grade products can be selected if the economy is not ideal. However, whether high-grade or low-grade products are selected, it is necessary to consider whether the strength of the production enterprise is strong and whether the quality is stable. It is recommended to select the products of enterprises with considerable popularity to avoid financial losses and losses Daily life brings unnecessary troubles and troubles.