How to install and remove the drawer guide?
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Drawer guide rail is a kind of hardware product which is widely used in the family now. After a long time of use, maybe the drawer guide is not as good as before. If you want to replace it, how to install it? What is the installation method of drawer guide? How to remove the old one before?

How to install the drawer guide:

1. The drawer guide rail installation first determines which kind of drawer guide rail to use. Generally, three sections of hidden guide rail are used. Please determine the length of your drawer and the depth of the counter according to certain data, so as to select the corresponding size to install on the drawer.

2. Secondly, assemble the five boards of the drawer and screw in the screws. If the drawer panel has card slot, after processing, put the drawer on the drawer that has been installed, so that the position of adjusting screw hole is consistent, and then push the locking screw into locking drawer and guide rail.

3. Finally, to install the cabinet, screw in the plastic hole on the side plate of the cabinet, and then install the track removed from the top. One guide rail is fixed with two small screws, one front and the other rear. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and fixed.

Design principle of drawer guide rail:

The design of drawer guide is used to play linear reciprocating motion. The motion of drawer is also called linear reciprocating motion. This kind of motion looks very simple, but it needs ingenious design to realize it. Although the drawer guide rail is small, it can perfectly realize this movement, and it is a high-precision linear motion, which ensures the normal use of the drawer.

Drawer rails are usually made of metal, and now some are made of new materials. The drawer guide can bear the weight of the drawer and the objects in the drawer, and fix the drawer in the drawer box and guide its expansion and contraction. The design of drawer guide rail is very ingenious, which can reduce friction while flexible expansion, so that the service life of drawer guide rail becomes longer.

How to remove the drawer guide rail:

1. First pull the drawer out as far as you can, and you will find a long black tapered clasp.

2. Then, press the black protruding strip buckle down with your hand. Most of the time, it is downward. If you do not rule out the case of lifting up, the long buckle will be lengthened. At this time, the slide rail is loose.

3. Next, press down the strip clasp on both sides at the same time, and pull both sides outward while pressing the strip buckle with both hands, and the drawer will come out.

4. At this time, the black clasp will separate. If you just take something, you don't need to pull out the drawer completely. You can go in and take it.

5. The installation of the drawer is also very simple. Just push the drawer back along the track, and the black clasp will automatically connect with the original slot, push it to the bottom, and then pull it back. It will move freely once or twice.

Which kind of drawer guide is good

Which kind of drawer guide is good? The common drawer rails are steel ball drawer slide, bottom drawer slide, roller drawer slide and wear-resistant nylon slide. Let's understand their characteristics in turn.

1. Steel ball drawer slide

This kind of drawer guide is very smooth to slide, easy to install and very durable. The ball slide is basically a three section metal slide, which can be directly installed on the side plate or plug-in installation or into the groove of the drawer side plate. The installation is relatively simple and space saving. Good quality steel ball slide can ensure smooth push-pull and large bearing capacity. The special structure of the track and the precise steel ball match ensure the stability.

2. Bottom drawer slide

This kind of drawer rail is hidden in the bottom of the drawer, very durable, sliding without friction, no noise, self closing.

3. Roller type drawer slide

The structure of the roller slide of the drawer guide is relatively simple, which is composed of one pulley and two rails, which can meet the daily needs of pushing and pulling. However, it has poor bearing capacity and does not have the function of buffering and rebounding. It is commonly used in computer keyboard drawer and light drawer.

4. Wear resistant nylon slide

This kind of drawer guide rail is the most wear-resistant, nylon slide can ensure that the cabinet drawer is smooth and quiet when pulling out, and the rebound is soft. Complete nylon system in the market is relatively rare, and with part of the nylon slide is quite a lot.